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News du 16/09/2007

My photomatoned face

I was borned in 1976 like many peoples... Unlike many much more peoples too !

Arrived on the Earth, I grow up in the Paris Suburbs, but fortunately in the outer one. So I'have had plenty of time to climb up trees, to play Robin Hood, and to pass the most of my time to be stained of green !

And there was the time for my first "creations", a little in Highschool and the most in François Villon's College in "Les Mureaux", when a true passion for Latin make's me draw and write in class, all except perhaps Latin...

Outside this true passion for deads languages, I was part of the "Nearby Room's Friends", a cultural and interesting association liven up by Mourad Tchouk, on of the chief supervisor in college, and I participated in the making of "The Nearby Page", a cultural, scientific and artistic magazine, based on collegian's and exterior's people's works.

This period was followed by the great desert of life, between chaotic study at university and my first job in a school, I swing, sometimes, between drawing and poetry.

My taste in black pencil drawing grows up and I buy my first digital camera (nikon coolpix 995). In this way, I re discover photography, after some shorts storys with an old Minolta reflex which works when it wants...

And since, on my strolls, in towns or in nature , I try to capture all my environnement's details , the smallest to the bigger one, which catch my curiosity, the lights which tickles me, the scenery which talks to me...

Thanks to my friend's opinions on my photos, I decide to try to make more activity around photography (and why not to become more professional photographer). But as I work full-time in a library in Gisors, this activity is in its infancy, but just ask to become greater and greater

Forteresses des vents : Coquillages sur une plage caressée par le vent le marcheur des Halles Baies de Somme désertée
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